CHE director allegedly looting govt money on fake invoices

  • Dr Bhugti allegedly found involved in making cheques in favour of subordinates on forged medicines receipts


Top management at the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination (MNHS) reportedly gave “safe exit” to Central Health Establishment (CHE) Director Dr Mohammad Malook Bhugti who was allegedly found involved in producing cheques for his employees against forged delivery of medicines to dispensaries of top hospitals of the country.

The basic job of the CHE is to ensure delivery of medicines to dispensaries of the government hospitals. However, rather than delivery of medicines, Pakistan Today has acquired documents which show that the CHE director allegedly prepared fake bills by pharmaceutical companies and then issued cheques in the name of his subordinates who later drew those amount and paid him back the embezzled amount.

According to sources, Bhugti was found involved in corruption of more than Rs 5 million in producing fake bills against the delivery of medicines.

In a recent case, he issued official amount of Rs 1,710, 000 to his subordinates in different cheques of Rs 610,000, Rs 550,000, Rs 90,000 and Rs 460,000. The amounts were subsequently cashed on February 24, 25, March 3 and July 9, 2015, respectively.

Deputy Secretary Sanaul Islam told Pakistan Today that there is no corruption charge against the director or the department.

When asked about the issuance of cheques to Bhugti’s staff members, he said the secretary has been asked to investigate the issue and anyone found guilty in issuing official cheques in favour of staff will be punished.

However, sources confirm that Bhugti was sent back to his original position following reports of irregularities in accounts.

Asked about the cheques, a CHE junior clerk said that the CHE director could better answer the question.

Bhugti remained unavailable for comment on the charges against him.