40m rural people deserve ‘Saaf Pani’ too, Shehbaz realises

  • Punjab CM says access to potable water right of every citizen

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Tuesday that access to potable water was the right of every citizen and his government would ensure this right through the Saaf Pani project.

Chairing a meeting which reviewed matters regarding progress of the project, the chief minister instructed that the project worth billions of rupees should be completed expeditiously while a high standard should also be maintained.

According to Sharif, the project would result in provision of potable water to more than 40 million people in rural areas.

He said that water filtration plants would be set up in rural areas, whereas installation of water treatment plants in 80 places in Bahawalpur district of South Punjab had already been started.

The chief minister said a dashboard had been developed for reviewing implementation of the project while Saaf Pani organisations had also been constituted at the local level for monitoring purposes.

Sharif said this project was a splendid programme for the people who could not afford mineral water and would also help contain water-borne diseases.

On the occasion, the chief minister directed that the project of rehabilitation of nonfunctional water schemes should be presented within four weeks.

He said that besides the Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Programme, the Saaf Pani project was of vital importance for the people living in villages and would be implemented within the timeframe.

Shehbaz said that third party audit would be compulsory at every phase of the project and he would personally monitor the pace of its implementation on a regular basis.

The Saaf Pani Company chief executive officer briefed the meeting regarding the pace of the project.