Prime Minister’s extravagance


Print media has reported that last year a car worth Rs220 million had been purchased for the PM while this year Rs150 million were spent for purchasing 10 land cruisers which have been distributed to near and dear ones. (Dunya, 20-09-2015) In one year the PM took 431 persons along with him on foreign tours. The President spent $60,000 on his foreign visits as tips. The government gets $5 billion as loan yearly from which such kingly expenses are paid. It has also been reported that the PM claims that all expenses are paid from his pocket while he spent money for five visits in three months to Saudi Arabia. Is it possible that he paid for 431 people from his pocket on foreign visits? It is also reported that containers full of cooked food are delivered from Islamabad to Murree on helicopter which is as if we have a royal king ruling us. 1,200 policemen are deployed for security purposes at Jati Umra houses.




  1. Maadarchood bhookha rahtaa hai Yeh ganja – Raheel iss Ki bund bandh karne waala hai anytime Aur choths ganja bhi bahenchood hai – jhuth boltaa hai solar solar metro metro metro Nandi put murdabaad!!!!!!!

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