Prices of vegetables, fruits mount up unchecked ahead of Eid


Local traders have increased the prices of vegetables and fruits ahead of Eidul Azha in the twin cities.

Local administration has failed to organize and regulate Sunday Bazaar in Rawal Town, Potohar Town and Cantonment areas of Rawalpindi. The vegetable sellers have organized the bazaar by themselves and have started to inflate the prices of commodities such as tomatoes, lemons, onions, ginger etc at an alarming rate before Eid.

Higher prices were observed in Sunday Bazaars in the federal capital also.

Retailers claim that they are getting the supplies at much higher rates, so, they have no choice but to raise the prices. However, there have been reports of them making money in connivance with those who’re tasked with keeping a check.

Retailers also claim that supplies have dried up, though there have been no reports of significant shortage of commodities in the market.

Customers at the wholesale market said that on the eve of every Eid, prices go up as the administration deliberately avoids taking any action.

Angry residents demanded that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif should take immediate notice of the prices and order the administration to bring them back to last week’s level.