LTC fares reduced by 50% for Eid, commuters delighted!


The Punjab government on Monday announced reduction in bus fares for Lahore Transport Company (LTC) travelers by 50 per cent.

The reduced fares will be weeklong for urban public transport staring from September 21 and ending on September 27 midnight, according to an LTC official.

The reduction in fares has been announced in the spirit of Eidul Azha which will be celebrated across country from September 25 to September 27.

The official said the discount was on all CNG LTC buses operating in the urban areas, except on buses that would cross Lahore’s borders to Sheikhupura, Kamoke, Kasur and diesel buses namely B-23 and B-26.

The bus passengers were pleasantly surprised on Monday morning as the conductors told them that they had to pay only half of the usual fare.

Nasir, a mechanic said, “It already feels like Eid today, even the environment within the bus seems jolly now.”

For Rizwan, the bus conductor for route B-1, the slogan for the day was “Bari Eid Bari Bachat” (Big Eid, Big Saving).

“It’s good to see commuters getting some relief in the form of discounted fares,” he said.

Ambreen, a student travelling to Old Campus, almost squealed when the conductor asked for Rs 5 as the fare “I had to ask him a couple of times before I could believe him,” she told Pakistan Today.

Ruksana, a frequent commuter, said, “I commute in the bus all day, as I work in different shifts at different houses. I will be saving half the amount I have to pay every day and this is quite a blessing for someone like me.”

The tickets are being checked on regular intervals at every stop by LTC inspectors to prevent fraud.