Why she faked 85 pregnancies before getting caught


As a nurse at a government hospital in Assam, Lily Begam Laskar has been exceptionally busy for the last six months, giving birth to 85 babies.

A government scheme, to promote safer childbirth awards Rs. 500 to every woman who chooses to deliver at a rural health centre and Laskar allegedly sensed an opportunity.

Officials say she showed about 160 deliveries at the state-run clinic, entering herself as the mother in half those cases, earning Rs. 40,000 as part of a scheme for new mothers.

“We discovered the fraud after we decided on an inspection after receiving an anonymous tip off, probably from someone who works at the hospital. What we found was absolutely incredible. The lady faked 85 pregnancies in her name. What also helped her was that she was also in charge of payments so it was not that easy to detect,” said Sarfaraz Haque, a senior government official in the rural Karimganj,Guwahati.

Mrs. Laskar was suspended on September 17. “You see, there is a lot of pressure on nurses like us. We obviously don’t get compensated properly for all the work we do. I faked just over 80 pregnancies. Yes I am sorry for it “, Ms. Laskar told reporters.