Former Jal members Atif and Farhan reunited with Goher!


Ali Zafar’s basement is making history! At the singer’s PSLT20 after-party, ex-Jal member Atif Aslam and current Jal member Goher Mumtaz performed for the first time after 13 years along with another former bandmate Farhan Saeed.

It’s a rare sight to behold and celebrities present in Ali’s basement during the party post the launch event of PSL were just as ecstatic to be part of the historic moment. Many uploaded pictures on Instagram.
Surprisingly, Atif Aslam took to the guitar, Goher Mumtaz grabbed the mic and Farhan Saeed hit the drums.

jaal1Although it was just a jamming session, even host Ali Zafar took up the opportunity to sing with the band.

Ali Zafar didn’t lose the opportunity to impress Urwa with his drumming skills and proved himself worthy of his Rockstar title.

jaal2Looks like Ali’s party was quite a success with all the bigwigs of the entertainment industry in attendance.

It remains to be seen whether Atif, Goher and Farhan’s reunion was a one-time treat or if we would get to see more.