What good is a CCTV in complete darkness?


Installing surveillance cameras in the city would be entirely useless since more than 80 per cent of the street lights are out of order.

Despite repeated complaints from the public, the Capital Development Authority (CDA)has paid no heed to the repair of these defective street lights.

The CDA in collaboration with the Police is in the process of installing surveillance cameras at different locations to overcome street crimes and traffic problems. However, due to the defective street lights system these cameras will not be able record anything in the night.

Over the last few months, roads and pavements in the federal capital have been ruined and ripped apart for the cables that are needed to implement the “Safe City Project.” The project involves a network of cameras, scanners, etc to be installed at every intersection and crossing in the city. The project has been launched by the Ministry of Interior to record footage of crime scenes, which can later assist in catching criminals. The Interior Ministry has initiated work on 1,500 CCTV cameras for the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to counter terror incidents. A private firm has started the process of installation for these cameras.

Earlier, considering the ongoing law and order situation of the country, the administration directed concerned authorities to install CCTV cameras along with the other security checks of passengers. CCTV cameras for 442 educational institutions were also supposed to be install. This project is still under process .

The management and CDA were not available for comment.