Parents seek Punjab-like action in KP against school fee hike


Many parents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) have called for actions similar to the ones taken in Punjab against school fee hike.

“The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government should follow the footprints of Punjab government to address grievances of parents paying ever increasing fees in public schools to educate their children.”

These views were expressed by a father who just came out from a bank after depositing monthly school fee with yet another increase.

Not mentioning the school’s name, Abdul Hai, father of two said, “Why is school fee increased after summer vacations each year? We mentally prepare ourselves during summer vacations for a fee increased but surprisingly the increase goes beyond our expectations.”

“We are left with no option but to pay the increased fee as individually we have no forum to forward our case,” he said.

“I commend Punjab government which took prompt action and forced school owners to take back the increase and pay back the charged amount.”

“It’s incomprehensible why PTI government raised the slogan of bringing reforms and a uniform policy in education sector if it cannot manage its affairs,” he asked, adding, “I think we were deceived in the name of change.”

Abdul Hai said it wasn’t just a fee increase the parents had to pay but there were always increases in other liabilities. “We won’t complain if an increase on similar ratio is made in our incomes,” he said.

Hai further said, “We should not expect much from the KP government as much of the famous school chains are being run by the people who are part and parcel of PTI and JI government in the province.”

Regarding KP government’s recently announced plan to form a regularity authority for private schools, Abdul Hai said that the plan might fulfill the needs of the coming generation but that it was not a remedy for the parents of this era.

Hai asked the KP government to honour its pledge of introducing uniform policy in education sector, and added, “It will become difficult for us to continue schooling of our children if an increase on such a ratio keeps happening in school fees.”


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