GCU exhibition houses classical, modern digital paintings


An exhibition of art works by eminent and emerging Old Ravians opened at the Government College University’s Minhas Art Gallery on Thursday.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah and eminent Old Ravian artist Dr Ajaz Anwar inaugurated the art show that ideally exhibited chronology of changing trends, techniques, philosophy and use of technology in the field of fine arts, especially painting.

“Minhas Art Gallery has brought the history of fine arts in Pakistan under one roof as this exhibition houses the classical paintings from the 1960s to modern digital paintings of 2015. Besides, art-lovers, this show is really significant for academic learning of students of fine arts,” said Amna Anwar, a Fine Arts Department faculty member while talking to the media.

Old Ravian artist Haseebullah Waqar believed that the latest technologies were killing invention and innovation in young artists who rather relied more on software applications than their personal abilities and imagination. He said computer could be fast but it could never compete with the mind of an artist.

GCU Quality Enhancement Cell Director Iram Sohail termed the exhibition ‘a mini art world’, saying it housed many kinds of art works, including calligraphy, ceramics, oil painting, digital painting, graphic designing and photography.

She said every painting depicted a complete story. She also admired the water colour paintings of GCU main building by distinguished painter Dr Ajaz Anwar.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ajaz Anwar said the education of fine arts should be made compulsory as it gave the students motivational tools to unlock a deeper understanding of their education and of their life. He appreciated the fact that the young artists were working on a variety of subjects and mediums from oil paintings to ceramics. He proudly said he was the first student of fine arts at the Government College Lahore back in 1961 and Prof Aslam Minhas was his teacher.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Hassan Amir also appreciated the art work of the Old Ravians and hoped it would motivate and inspire the young students.