Controversial questions in FPSC’s exam


My younger brother said the other day: “You would be the one losing marks by opting for wrong answers; it makes no difference to the commission.” But as it happens, this is the second time in a consecutive exam conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) for general recruitments that the commission has asked controversial questions in Islamic Studies section.

For instance, questions like ‘Who is called Saifullah?’, ‘How many daughters did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have?’ and so on. These questions have diverse answers by different schools of thoughts within Muslim ummah. The commission while sorting questions, especially for Islamic Studies, must consider the diversity and pluralism in Pakistan and must have an inclusive approach to judge candidates appearing for various posts.

In the last two tests, there were many controversial questions but I went for the answers according to my belief and my school of thought, although I was fully conscious and cognizant of the consequence that my answer would not be entertained and I might lose marks in the competition. But for me, it was a matter of faith and my belief, not of a post or job and I did what my inner self asked me to do.

In connection, the commission needs to pay attention towards this specific issue to address the grievances of the candidates. Secondly, more common questions must be asked both in subjective and objective parts as there are slight differences among various schools of thoughts. Last but not least, even a single mark can offset the result in such exams and the commission must not benefit one group at the cost of others.