Agri sector’s progress to thrive country, says Shahbaz

  • Punjab CM lauds federal govt’s relief package for farming community

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Tuesday the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has given the farmers and cultivators their due rights by announcing a historic relief package of Rs 341 billion.

According to a statement, Sharif said the credit for this big farmer-friendly package went to the PML-N since no other government in the country’s history had announced such a comprehensive package before.

The farmers would get relief from this package in the real sense, the chief minister said, adding it was a milestone for the country’s agriculture sector which would thrive on a durable basis.

According to Sharif, the Rs 341 billion package will bring a revolution in the agriculture sector by resolving the problems of the farming community. He said the interests of small farmers had been given priority in the package, adding that they would directly benefit from Rs 147 billion subsidies.

Observing that the agriculture sector was the backbone of the country’s economy, Shahbaz said Pakistan would move forward if the agriculture sector progressed.

The chief minister also said the Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Programme was being implemented speedily for development and promotion of rural economy.