MQM’s ‘sympathisers’ question party performance

  • SMS campaign grills MQM for failure to end quota system in Sindh, making Karachi as separate province and ensuring repatriation of Biharis
  • MQM’s Haq says leadership will respond to their queries if anyone raises issues on party forum


A day after the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)’s protest rally, a group of people, who claimed to be “sympathisers” of the party, sent text messages to 10,000 people, belonging to different walks of lives, questioning the leadership about its performance since its inception 28 years ago.

After receiving one of such messages from the MQM group named “Sympathisers of MQM”, Pakistan Today contacted the sender. Without disclosing his identity, a member of the group said on phone that he and his colleagues launched the campaign to question the party about its past performance. “We will extend our campaign in the days to come to remind the party leadership about their past promises,” he added.

The group members have questioned MQM’s performance for achievement of party’s three goals; to end quota system in Sindh, making Karachi as a separate province and repatriation of Biharis. They argued that MQM was established to achieve these three goals, but according to them, the party never raised voice in these issues in the Parliament. They claimed that the party, after coming into the power, distracted itself from Mohajirs, who are “suffering since creation of Pakistan”.

“Before sending this message to others, I sent this to MQM Coordination Committee member Ameenul Haq and later others committee members, but none of them responded. I know they will not respond as they know that they distanced themselves from these objectives,” the sender claimed.

He said that MQM closed the metropolis and observed shutter down over arrest of “target killers”, but it never raised voice to achieve the cause on which it was established.

Despite repeated requests, the sender refused to disclose his identity and disconnected the call by saying that he and his group will continue to raise questions before party leaderships regarding its past mistakes.

Talking to Pakistan Today, MQM Coordination Committee member Ameenul Haq termed this campaign a conspiracy against the party. He said he received this message and he also knows that some people are running this SMS campaign. “It is not possible to respond to text messages and if anyone raises these issues on party forum, then the leadership will respond to their queries,” he maintained.