Sanaullah denies ordering Chaudhry Sher Ali’s murder


Punjab Law Minister and PML-N Leader Rana Sanaullah on Sunday vociferously said he had never ordered killing of Chaudhry Sher Ali.

“If (Sher Ali) he has any proof to support the allegation, he should come up to party forum”, said Sanullah while talking to a private news channel.

The Punjab law minister said he does not have any personal grudges with Chaudhry Sher Ali or Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali and he never gave orders to wipe them out.

He claimed that he only has political differences with them and if they have any proof to substantiate their allegations they should approach the party instead of playing up with the issue in the media.

To a question about his sarcastic remarks against head of the judicial tribunal, Justice Kazam Malik, he said Mr. Kazam while giving decision pertaining to NA-122 and NA-125 had added his personal opinions, prompting him to give reaction.

Replying to a query about his alleged remarks against Pakistan Awami Tehreek during the meeting, he said he never gave order to teach lesson to the PAT workers, adding police was only sent to remove the barriers from Model Town but the situation turned worse when the people present there showed undue resistance.