Karachi operation will be completed at all costs, says PM


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced on Friday that the Karachi operation will be completed at all costs and government will bring the perpetrators of terror to their logical end.

“We started the Karachi operation with great determination and there will be no let-up in this operation,” the premier said, while addressing the media following his meeting with the heads of chambers of commerce, representatives of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association and exporter groups at the PM House.

The prime minister said the nation is fighting a decisive war against terrorism across the country. “Terrorists are carrying out cowardly acts by attacking media and police personnel in Karachi in their last attempts to keep themselves alive,” Sharif said.

The prime minister said terrorists have become weak and situation in Karachi has significantly improved since the operation. “Karachi will become peaceful within next two years as terrorists are being neutralised.”

Further, the prime minister lauded the sacrifices of the nation and the army in fighting against terror. “We will never forget the APS Peshawar tragedy,” he said, insisting that the spirit to fight terror should remain alive among the people.

The prime minister reiterated the government’s stance that it took all the political parties on-board before taking any major decisions, including that of Karachi operation.

“In order to defeat terror, we prepared a National Action Plan (NAP) and got the constitutional amendments done through assemblies.”

PM Sharif said the government was working on mega development projects in the country in order to steer it out of the current situation.

“We want to include Pakistan into the list of progressed countries,” the prime minister said, adding that the energy crisis will end very soon.

“You will see a marked improvement in the electricity and gas supply within the next two years,” he added.