Federal institutions being manipulated for PPP’s victimisation, says Zardari


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-Chairman and former president, Asif Zardari on Friday expressed concern over the sentencing of Sindh MPA Syed Ali Nawaz Shah by a NAB court in Karachi, terming it as misuse of judicial processes for political victimisation.

PPP MPA Ali Nawaz Shah was sentenced to five years in jail on various corruption charges.

The PPP maintains that the case in which Shah was sentenced to five years was registered against him nearly 15 years ago in 2001.

In a statement, Zardari said that it is strange that according to the case profile, Ali Nawaz Shah is sentenced to five years in jail for compensation paid to him by the State for his property in 2001. He added that if this becomes a norm and judicial processes are misused and manipulated to secure convictions of political opponents, matters would go out of hand.

Zardari said: “Ali Nawaz Shah’s sentencing has brought to the fore yet again how federal institutions are being manipulated for political victimisation in the provinces.”

He warned against the inevitable consequences of this regressive policy of political witch hunting and victimisation.

The former president said that the federal agencies must not go too far and land themselves in a dilemma from which they may find it difficult to remove themselves.