Fatwa issued against makers of Iranian film ‘Muhammad’


A Mumbai-based Sunni Muslim group has issued a fatwa against Indian music composer AR Rahman and Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi for their upcoming film Muhammad: Messenger of God.

Raza Academy has issued a fatwa that demands Muslims to reject the Iranian film Muhammad: Messenger of God, reports Indian Express.

The fatwa is based on the reason that no visual or picture of the Prophet (pbuh) can be created or kept.

Muhammad: Messenger of God is the first film of the trilogy on the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The Raza Academy group has written to the Home Minister and Maharashtra Chief Minister to seek a ban on Majidi’s film as it is a mockery of Islam and has casted non-Muslim actors in key roles.

The fatwa further added that all the Muslims involved in the making of the film, especially Rahman and Majidi have committed blasphemy and are required to recite kalma and solemnise their marriage again.

However, Rahman has yet to confirm the news as he remained unavailable for comment despite several attempts.



  1. Before watching movie no one can’t stand against. However if its made by a Muslim why not he will take care of religious boundries.

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