Small time Indian actress claims Afridi for herself


Bhopal-born small time Indian actress and model Arshi Khan has opened up a new controversy claiming that she has slept with Pakistani cricket star Shahid Afridi.

Earlier, when the Indian media picked at her alleged relation with the star batsman, he called the news absurd and said that he had no time for something like this.

Afridi aka Boom Boom has been entertaining cricket lovers for around 18 years. He is recognised as one of the ‘living legends of the game’.

On the other hand, Arshi Khan is a small time model and actress and till the point where she claimed that she had had sex with Afridi, no one even knew who she was.

She took to twitter on September 8 and wrote an angry message for her audience.

“Yes, I had sex with Afridi! Do I need the Indian media’s permission to sleep with someone? It’s my personal life. For me it was love,” she tweeted.

The model, who is said to grab public attention by indulging in such behavior, had previously claimed that she was friends with the cricketer.

That’s not all; she has also previously claimed that Radhe Maa (religious Indian spiritual leader) was running a prostitution racket. Before that she had slapped a Bhojpuri film producer. She later revealed that the producer was touching her inappropriately which resulted in her slapping the man.

At this point the authenticity of the account has not been confirmed. Investigation is still underway to confirm whether the account is real or not.

Sources also claim that the Indian media is behind dragging Afridi in the scandal. They say that this was a ploy to help Arshi Khan make a place for herself in the film industry.

Shahid Afridi has not yet responded to the claims made by the Indian model.