First Pakistani Textile Delegation Leaves for Denmark


For the first time ever, seven Pakistani textile companies will be participating in a delegation visit to Denmark for new business opportunities and partners. The visit has been arranged and supported by the Trade Council of the Embassy of Denmark in Pakistan in collaboration with the Danish Fashion & Textile Association.

Mr. Assar Qureshi, Commercial Counsellor of the Danish Embassy, who will be leading the delegation visit, was delighted that the delegation, which consists of some of Pakistan’s most renowned and well-established companies, would be meeting some of the top Danish textile companies and tapping in on existing and potential resources, technology, knowledge and market opportunities. He stated that the real potential for trade between Denmark and Pakistan was significantly higher than the current trade volume of around $450 million.

“Pakistan is a fast growing economy and predicted to have growth rates well above 5 percent until 2020. In addition, Pakistan’s access to GSP Plus has substantially increased the scope for EU textiles companies to import high quality products at competitive price, while Pakistani exporters have been granted duty free access to EU. We want to ensure that both Denmark and Pakistani companies can find partnership opportunities and avail maximum benefits from such an amazing window of opportunities”, stated Mr. Qureshi. He also said that among Pakistan’s advantages are an abundance of raw material, CSR focused business strategies, relatively inexpensive and well-qualified labour, state-of-the-art vertically integrated textile set-ups, and design expertise.

Mr. Qureshi shared that this delegation visit was expected to be the first round of more business delegation visits in near future – not only from Pakistan – but also continuing to bring Danish companies to Pakistan.

Mehreen Obaid, Managing Director of Towellers Limited Pakistan and member of the visiting delegation also expressed strong potential in establishing manufacturer and retailer partnerships in Denmark. She stated that Pakistan was billed as one of the most attractive textile manufacturing destinations in the region due to its ability to produce yarns and fabric within the country, including an inexpensive and productive labour force allowing for quality manufacturing at affordable pricing.

Mr. Thomas Klausen, Director of Danish Fashion and Textile Association is also looking forward to the delegation visit. “We are truly honored to be hosting such a prominent delegation in Denmark. The delegation consists of some of Pakistan’s leading companies, whom we anticipate receiving and introducing them to our Danish members. The Danish Fashion and Textile Association is looking forward to strengthening ties between the Pakistani and Danish companies and hope to build a solid, healthy and rewarding cooperation between both parties”, said Mr. Klausen.

Export of textiles constitutes almost 10 percent of Pakistan’s GDP, and constitutes the mainstay of exports to Denmark. Apart from having world-class textiles manufacturing, Pakistan’s strength lies in the vertical integration of the industry which stems from being the fourth largest producer and third largest consumer of cotton in the world.

Participating in the trip are representatives from the following seven Pakistani companies: Gul Ahmed, Sapphire Textile Mills, Master Textile, Soortey Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Towellers Limited, Image Garments Pvt. Ltd. and VI Sigma.