‘Salaam Confucius’ set to promote Chinese culture in Pakistan


Largest cultural event in Pakistan’s history opens at Pak-China Friendship Center

The largest cultural event in the history of Pakistan-China relations in the non-governmental sector entitled ‘Hello Kongzi or Salaam Confucius’ was held on Monday at the Pak-China Friendship Center.

A large number of people from all walks of life participated in the event.

A total of 140 sculptures of animation version of Confucius are displayed in front of the Taipei Confucius Temple in a world tour of an exhibition named “Hello Kongzi”. Kongzi, in addition to promoting Chinese culture, is also a platform that promotes culture exchanges between china and other countries.

The first project of cultural renewal, Hello Kongzi creates a Q-Version of Kongzi. The purpose is to demonstrate traditional Chinese culture to the whole world in a fun way, as well as to provide a pleasing mode of education for the younger generation.

The organisers at Pak-China friendship Center invited local artists and arts students to recreate the image of Kongzi according to their own interpretation. Afterwards, they recreated all their art work into a Salaam pattern.

Speaking at the occasion, Pakistan-China Institute Chairman Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed said that Pak-China cultural exchanges would bring the hearts and minds of both nations together. He said that such cultural exchanges should be called Pak-China cultural corridor. He said that the sole purpose of ‘Hello Kongzi or Salaam Confucius’ was to understand the teachings of Confucianism and their points of convergence with the Pakistani society.

Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting and Culture Pervaiz Rashid said that we totally reject the notion of ‘clash of civilisations’ and instead adhere to the spiritual ideals of Confucius, Bhullay Shah and Peer Fareed that the world can live side by side without any violence and rift. He said that the revival of Pak-China cultural exchanges would strengthen the ties between two nations.

Acting Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Zhao Lijian said that Confucius was an important philosopher in Chinese and world history. He added that the ideals of Confucianism focused on ethical models of family and society. He said that reformers like Confucius, when they see society passing through a critical crisis, introduce alternative systems to tackle the challenges faced by the society. Zhao said that one of the lines from the great philosopher was, “do not impose on others which you do not like for yourself.”