Rawalpindi city to have eight cattle markets


A ban has been imposed on sale and purchase of sacrificial animals in streets, mohallas and roads while eight cattle markets will be set up in the Rawalpindi city from next week for sale and purchase of sacrificial animals, according to District Officer Livestock Dr Yaqoob.

Government has also issued temporary permission to slaughter female cattle including buffalo and cow on the eve of Eidul Azha. However, a ban will remain in place against slaughtering the female cattle in slaughter houses.

Dr Yaqoob said that the slaughter of one-year-old female cattle would be allowed. He said that a ban had also been imposed on the sale of pregnant animals. Animals infected with any disease particularly Congo virus would be confiscated.

He said that temporary veterinary hospitals would be set up in every cattle market for medical check-ups of sacrificial animals. The cattle markets would be set up in Chungi No 22, Adiala Road, Chohar Chowk, back of the Supreme Court Colony, Pirwadhai, Bagh-e-Sardaran, Highway Rawat, Sadiq Abad and Khanna Road.