Pakistan’s first PT solution launched by TPL Trakker


TPL Trakker, a venture of TPL Holdings, has announced the launch of its first personal tracking product ‘Personal Trakking’ (PT) powered by ‘imhere’, across Pakistan – which is a range of personal monitoring devices designed to assist you with tracking updates of your loved ones, your network or as an individual, in case of an emergency.

In an exclusive interview with Pakistan Today, Chairman TLP Trakker Ltd, Jameel Yusuf said: “First time in Pakistan history, the software of all these tracking devices has been developed in Pakistan.”

He said he brought these devices from South Africa and DIGICORE, the maker of these devices are also partner with us in Pakistan.

TPL Trakker is Pakistan’s first and region’s largest vehicle, car tracking and fleet management services provider. It is responsible for markets in the Middle East & South Asian region and has installed more than 150,000 units, he said.

PT is the smartest Personal Trakking device available in Pakistan. It can fit in a pocket, bag or be used as a keychain, making it not only easy to wear but also discreet to operate, he said. “We can also save conversation of the persons through these devices. You can also monitor your loved one through your iphones.”

Yusuf, who had also led Citizen-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) from 1989 to 2003, unearthed number of criminal’s dens and recovered stolen goods and kidnapped people throughout the country. Recently, his company has launched a wrist watch and a key chain, in which tracker devices have been fixed – not easy to identify that it is a tracker or a watch and key chain.

He said his tracking devices were being used in company trucks like transport goods, petrol supply tankers, marketing vehicles etc, to avoid any untoward incident, theft, petrol mixing and others to maintain the standard of the companies like developed countries in European Union and United States.

“The transporting goods containers from Karachi ports to Afghanistan are also using such devices and they (US) are monitoring every movement of the trucks from Karachi to Afghanistan,” Mr Yusuf informed Pakistan Today. He said: “All US companies importing goods for US Army in Afghanistan were using tracking system in Pakistan to protect their goods and it is not easy for drivers of the trucks or the thefts to open the container in the way,” he added.

He said a smart locator, built-in with an Emergency Alert, SOS button and real-time location updates using maps, gives peace of mind knowing where your employees and loved ones are. Users can set up Safe Zone, generating alerts to know if anyone has entered or left a specific area as well as get speed alerts ensuring your cars/drivers are not over speeding with those you care for most, he added.

Speaking to Pakistan Today at his office, Jameel Yousaf said TPL is a extremely excited to bring PT into the lives of the people of Pakistan  – with this state-of-the-art product in your life you can be assured of your loved one’s track and your work force’s competency.”

“PT covers dozens of applications keeping our users and their needs in mind, and TPL’s new upcoming products will broaden consumer demand even further,” he said.

He said everyone should be able to live their lives feeling safe with no exceptions. Those equipped with TPL’s PT device will have the peace of mind that is every human’s basic right. PT products are supplied as a complete package with an accompanying Mobile APP, SIM card and full user training, It is ideal for everyone – families, business networks, individuals, he said.

Jameel Yusuf, who had been chief detector for last many years in CPLC Sindh, said now the Punjab government used many devices from his company, especially for Green Buses in Lahore. The government is monitoring buses movement through these special devices, he added.

In this connection, we have made an agreement with the Habib Bank Limited (HBL) to issue the tickets for the buses through scanned numbers so that the passengers can travel without any difficulty. The bank will soon start issuing the passenger a kind of card or chip like USA and Europe.

According to him, through these devices the recovery is above 90 percent in Pakistan compared to 75-80 percent in Europe and other countries. TPL Holdings is a registered company with Stock Exchanges in Pakistan.

Yusuf is also the Director of Asia Crime Prevention Foundation (ACPF) and is the founding trustee of “PANAH” a shelter home established for women in distress. He is also a member of Advisory Council Fellowship Fund for Pakistan (FFFP), Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars (WWC) since 2004. He was awarded presidential award “Sitar-e-Shujaat” for gallantry services in August 1992 and was also nominated for the First United Nations Vienna Civil Society Award in 1999.