Sacrificial animals get makeovers ahead of purchase


With the arrival of thousands of sacrificial animals in Asia’s largest cattle market at the Superhighway, many artists have established makeshifts kiosks full of decorative items for sacrificial animals.

The artists in the market have come over to showcase their art, despite knowing that they may earn only a little money from their efforts. They felt that the cost of sacrificial animals increased when they were decorated using crowns, bells and garlands.

People who buy the animals have also bought decorative items for them. Even traders that are in the area selling their animals flock the kiosks and try to find the right items for their animals. They claimed that the decorated animals attract buyers, particularly children, which has helped them in getting good prices for their animals.

“The preparation of decorative items requires hard work, and takes almost a year,” an artist said. “I, my wife and children prepare these decorative items the whole year for our stall in the market,” he added.

“I have a variety of crowns, bells and garlands at my stall and the prices of these decorative items varies with quality,” he said, adding that “I also have all the necessary items that are needed to keep any sacrificial animal at one’s house.”

“We pay huge money for the establishment of a small stall in the market but there is no other way left to sell our items,” he said, adding that “This year I have paid Rs 30,000 for the stall, due to which I have also increased the prices of the decorative items.”

“I have been in this business since the last 16 years and it is my only source of earning,” he said.

“Not only this, we also purchase decorative items from all parts of the country to facilitate the people,” he added.

He explained that he has contracts with manufacturers of the decorative items he sells and brings them over for sale before Eid. The items are bought since before Eid-ul-Fitr.