Children and mobile


Mobile is considered the easiest way of communication. However, the extra dosage of anything has an adverse reaction. Nowadays, mobile is the things that become as necessary as oxygen. Schools, the center of education is not even mobile free. It’s really skeptical when you see school going children holding mobile in their hand. In such young age being mobile accustomed is actually deploring their life and studies. Somehow, the adults are responsible in intriguing the love of mobile in their children. When the children see their parent’s and the people around them using mobile continuously; it automatically develops their fascination towards mobile.

There was a time when a child in term of gift demands small presents such as a toy or cycle. But their priorities start changing, and the first possession they want to get in terms of gift is mobile. Mobile open the doors of communication with the world without any barrier which increases the risk; that they may get deployed in wrong activities; because a child is not mature enough to differentiate between right and wrong. Furthermore, it has worse effects on the children health; mentally and physically. It should have been realized by the guardian that their mobile yearning is getting transferred to their children. If you want your child not to adore the mobile, then subside or minimise the use of mobile when you are with your kids.