Baloch militant leader Brahamdagh ready for talks with govt

  • BRA chief says willing to give up demand for Balochistan’s separation if ‘it is the people’s will’
  • Balochistan CM welcomes statement, says provincial govt has complete mandate for talks with estranged Baloch

Self-exiled Baloch Republican Army (BRA) leader Brahamdagh Bugti has agreed to hold talks with the government on the Balochistan issue, hinting at the possibility of withdrawing demands of separation — provided that was what the people in the province wanted.

“We are ready to stay with Pakistan if our friends, well-wishers, majority of the Baloch people and political allies want the same,” the self-exiled separatist leader told the BBC Urdu in an interview in Switzerland.

This is the first time that the BRA leader, who is the grandson of former Balochistan governor and chief minister Nawab Akbar Bugti, has voiced his support for talks with the government.

However, he said that the Pakistani establishment had failed to address grievances of disgruntled Baloch, adding that it should be the government to take the steps for talks.

Although Bugti denied that he had had any contact with Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who is in London these days, the Baloch leader said he wanted all issues to be resolved through peaceful negotiations.

“We can meet them if they want as we are politicians and want a political end to the crisis,” he said. “This will be foolish if we refuse when the counterpart wants to resolve the issue through dialogue.”

He said that while efforts had been made in the past for staging dialogues, but no serious attempts had been made by the government, adding the environment must be made conducive for talks to take place.

“Dialogue is difficult alongside violence and that is why we have demanded an end to the operation in Balochistan, and bringing all forces on board before talks could be initiated,” he said.

When asked what would he discuss during any such talks, Bugti said they will present an agenda agreed upon by majority of Baloch groups.

He added that use of force would not help in resolving the issue.

“We neither have power, nor such a large ‘army’ that we can compete. Use of force would do no good.”

About the ongoing development projects in Balochistan, Bugti refused to accept the incumbent government as the true representative of the Baloch people or their will.

When asked if he was provided support from India, he said, that they would seek help from anyone.


Reacting on Bugti’s statement, Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch expressed happiness, saying it was an encouraging sign to restore peace in the province.

“The government is ready to hold talks with all estranged groups, we have complete mandate to hold negotiations to achieve our objective of a peaceful Balochistan,” he said.