Baloch hopes to woo ‘angry Baloch’ soon


Addressing a gathering to observe the death anniversary of late Mir Ghous Buksh Bijenjo at Karachi Arts Council, Balochistan Chief Minister (CM) Abdul Malik Baloch on Tuesday said contacts with key figures in Balochistan including Khan of Kalat and other Baloch leaders had already started and the federation had given him the mandate to talk with ‘angry Baloch leaders’. He added that a major breakthrough would be made soon for establishing peace in Balochistan.

Talking about the China Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC), the chief minister said that Balochistan had some reservations on some projects and their revenue sharing.

Mir Hasil Bijenjo, son of late Mir Ghous Buksh Bijenjo, said in his address that the situation in Balochistan was getting worse, but that it could be addressed through unity. He said that terrorism could not be eliminated without a plausible alternative ideology. He said his father’s ideology was being followed by the National Party (NP).

Senior minister Sardar Sanaullah Zehri said that he, being a follower of Bizenjo, could say that Bizenjo was among the best politicians in the country.

NP leader Mir Tahir Bizenjo said that the late Bijenjo was a patriotic Pakistani. He said that the problem of Balochistan would not go away with military operation and that it is necessary for Pakistan to strengthen inter-provincial relationships.