Ajoka Theatre presents ‘Kaun Bane Ga Badshah’


Ajoka Theatre in collaboration with Lahore Arts Council presented its stage drama ‘Kaun Bane Ga Badshah’ on Wednesday at Alhamra Hall No 2. The play is written and directed by Ajoka Director Shahid Nadeem.

The play is based on a game show, hosted by ‘Big Boss’, a mysterious and mischievous host, assisted by a well mannered and well spoken assistant ‘Nizam’. The play is a political satire that reflects the prevailing state-of-affairs in Pakistan. Depicting the problems of the masses, the game show with political undertones is couched in an entertaining and humorous presentation. It also raises some pertinent and vital questions about the future and nature of democracy Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the game of democracy is relatively new. In the intervals between military rule, the masses are allowed to vote. But do they really choose their masters? This issue is being hotly debated at the highest and lowest levels. The game still hangs in the balance.

The cast includes Nayab Faiza, Usman Raj, Omar Dar, Ahsan Murad, Sohail Tariq, Qaiser Ali, Yaqub Masih, Aamir Sahotra and Shehzad Sadiq.