Sherpao wants better ties with India, Afghanistan


Expressing reservations over the stalemate between Pakistan and India, Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) Chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao on Sunday held India responsible for sabotaging the dialogue process.

Speaking at a press conference here at Watan Kor, the QWP chief said the current developments in the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan and Pakistan and India were not a good omen for the region. He said deadlock between Pakistan India would further strain the already stressed relations. He also called for concerted efforts to end impasse between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

To end the mistrust between Pakistan and Afghanistan, he urged both governments to come closer and resolve all outstanding issues amicably.

“Lack of trust between both countries, at a time when NATO forces have been withdrawing, would not serve interests of the region,” he said. A negative propaganda campaign is being launched against Pakistan and Afghanis have boycotted Pakistani products, he said.

“Ashraf Ghani has been facing internal problems. The efforts he made in normalising relations with Pakistan have suffered a severe setback due to recent terrorists’ attacks,” he said. He added in the current scenario both countries should come forward but Pakistan should go an extra mile to end the deadlock.