Tutor abuses female minors for “sex education”


A tutor arrested on Wednesday in Lahore has admitted to sexually abusing his students in the name of “sex education”.

According to local media reports, Hussein Ahmed Khan admitted that he sexually abused up to female students – all under the age of 13 – in various academies he taught at in the past 6 years. A police raid revealed more than 30 videos and photographs in the tutor’s house. To avoid the possibility of the clips being procured by or sold to pornography sites, the police have sealed them and the photographs, which will be produced as evidence at Khan’s trial.

A resident of Lahore and a science graduate, Khan also admitted to blackmailing students in to bringing their friends to the academy and local media reported that he had also attempted to similarly blackmail parents.

The incident is only the second such case in child abuse scandals in Pakistan. Less than a month ago, reports from Kasur brought the ire of the nation on authorities when it was revealed that a child porn gang had raped, drugged and beaten more than 280 children in the area.