Scamming the public


All societies around the world have their flaws. Some bad people among the citizens try to hinder the healthy way a society should function. However, it lies in the hands of its good citizens and the government to take necessary steps to discourage the trouble makers in the society from becoming a big problem in the society.

Without further ado I would like to connect the above with a rather small level of inconvenience I had to face a few days back. A got a call from Shan Food Industry employee telling me that I have won a Cultus Suzuki car since I purchased some of their products from a departmental store a few months back and had filled a coupon. Consequently, I have been lucky to have won the prize.

When I expressed not having filled any such coupon he added that a letter was sent to my home address and (he gave out the exact home address). But since we didn’t respond to the letter he was calling again. Sensing my skepticism he further added to contact a number to confirm. I ended the call saying send me the letter again and we will see.

I immediately did a Google search on “Shan Food Industry scam” and just as my hunch said, a forum’s link propped up that had people discussing having faced similar situation. Next I sent a mail to the Facebook page of Shan Foods showing my concern about this to which they promptly replied. I have requested their representative to take measures ensuring that such people do not get our contact details like it’s a piece of cake.

For it may seem a tiny problem among the monstrous issues we face as a nation today but believe me it is these small scams that encourage people like the above mentioned to try and find fraudulent ways to cheat people and extract their private details illegally. I’m writing this to bring this to the notice of Shan Foods once again, PTA and any concerned authorities and fellow citizens to take appropriate steps that are in their capacity.