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Former US President to undergo latest treatment for brain cancer

Former US President Jimmy Carter spoke plainly when he said Thursday that doctors had found “four spots of melanoma” on his brain. The 90-year-old former president was relaxed and matter-of-fact as he talked about the uncertainty he faces. “I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes,” he said.

Flanked by family members and friends at a news conference at the Carter Center in Atlanta, he detailed the treatments that he has already begun and will continue in coming weeks, including radiation and the IV infusions of a new type of anti-cancer drug that tries to harness the body’s immune system to fight the disease.

The brain lesions, each no larger that 2 millimeters, were discovered after an Aug. 3 operation at Emory University to remove a tumor from his liver. During the surgery, Carter said, doctors suspected that the cancer had originated in another part of his body and performed full-body scans.

Gershenwald, the medical director of the Melanoma and Skin Center at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, said that, historically, a melanoma patient diagnosed with metastases in the liver and brain would face a very poor prognosis.

Carter said he is receiving one of the newest drugs in the anti-cancer arsenal, pembrolizumab, better known as Keytruda. The drug, the first in a promising new class of medications called immunotherapy, has been on the market for 11 months.

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