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Spy agencies monitor Facebook, seminar told

Facebook contributes more to monitoring Americans than all other sources combined and cheaper too; for this reasons the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was awarded surveillance medal by the CIA.

This was revealed by IT security expert Mirza Abdul Rahim while addressing a seminar organised by Computer Science Society of the students of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, the other day.

IT company Folio-3 experts Hamza Azad and Fahad Idress, Dean, Computer Society, MAJU, Dr Haji Khan Soomro and Prof Syed Ali Imran also spoke on this occasion.

Mirza Abdul Rahim informed the students that all kind of data uploaded at Facebook was monitored by the CIA which help to collect all required information about persons and organisation from all over the world. He advised student to remain careful while using computer, internet, mobile phone, IPod, Skype and other such applications and platforms.

He asked not to upload pictures on Facebook unnecessarily of their family gatherings because its help hackers and other agencies to collect information about your family background and friends’ circle.

He further advised not to share their personal, business, bank account numbers, credit cards details, movement while traveling etc through internet tools which may help your opponents.

Mirza Abdul Rahim said that Facebook popularity was increasing day to day and that was why a free Facebook had also been launched.