UN observers visit shelling-hit villages of Pakistan


SIALKOT: A team of United Nations (UN) observers in Pakistan visited on Tuesday Indian shelling-hit Sialkot border villages in Bajwat sector, local media authorities reported.

According to senior Punjab Rangers officials, the observers met the families of three martyred Pakistani civilians – Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Faisal (brothers), and Muhammad Adnan.

They were killed by the unprovoked mortar shelling of Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) on Aug 4, reportedly.

The observers met other people and sought details from about the BSF hostilities. They also inquired about the health of the several people at the Sialkot Combined Military Hospital.

They said they were closely observing the situation after the shelling on Sialkot border villages and investigating the situation, sources further revealed.

On Aug 4, three civilians were killed and 22 others, including women and children, injured seriously while 25 cattle were also killed by the BSF shelling. Up to 100 houses were also badly damaged.