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Rangers up the ante on operation, arrest 6 ‘MQM target killers’

A surgical action in the Ranchore Line area led to the arrest of six alleged target killers by the Rangers on Monday. The apprehended men are said to be a part of the Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM), according to a spokesperson for the Rangers.

Weapons were also seized from the area while the operation was underway. MQM’s unit 28 incharge, Khurram alias Muchar, was taken in for crimes which included target killing, extortion and dumping of weapons.

Another worker of MQM Unit 20, called Mahmood, was also apprehended. The man is said to have confessed to killing over 47 people when he was arrested during late 2014. He had been arrested for torture and kidnapping at that time.

Kala, whose real name is Shahid, is a part of MQM unit 31 and was taken in during the operation. Shahid had been out on bail and has been arrested before over murder charged. During 2014 he had confessed to six murders during initial interrogation.

Another man from MQM Unit 20, Mubin, has also confessed to several crimes including riots, extortion, murder, etc. when he was arrested during May 2013.

A man called Handi, whose real name is Zubair, was also arrested from the area. He stands accused of aiding and abetting in murders, extortion, robberies, etc. His actions may have led to the death of two guards in Azizabad during 2013.

The last suspect is called Macha, whose real name is Kashif, and is a part of MQM Unit 30. He also stands accrued of extortion and target killings.


In a statement released on Monday, the Sindh Rangers said that with the first phase over, they are now preparing to start phase two, which is expected to commence from August 14.

“Pakistan Rangers Sindh successfully completed the stage-I of the operation and are well prepared to start stage-II from August 14, 2015 till the time it is successfully completed.”

This is the first time that the paramilitary forces have officially admitted that the operation, which has so far lasted for over 23 months, would be stage wise.

“Stage-II will be more severe than stage-I as the main task is to hunt down land grabbers, target killers, extortionists, kidnappers, terrorists.”

It is not clear how stage-II differs from stage-I given that land grabbers, target killers, extortionists, kidnappers and terrorists had been the focus when the operation first began in 2013.

“Pakistan Rangers Sindh is committed not to spare any criminal… Do not worry even if the criminals are very powerful because Pakistan Rangers Sindh are more powerful,” the statement added.

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