New twist in bittersweet Indo-Pak ties


Prime Minister’s Special Adviser on Foreign Affairs and National Security, Sartaj Aziz on Saturday said Pakistan will “never invite the speaker of occupied Jammu and Kashmir Assembly to the upcoming Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference” to be held in Islamabad from September 30 to October 8.

Talking at a book launch ceremony in the federal capital, Aziz said Pakistan’s principle position on Jammu and Kashmir will be compromised if the speaker of Indian-held Kashmir’s legislature is invited to the conference because Pakistan does not recognise and accept the said assembly.

The national security adviser went on to say that the conference will go ahead as scheduled, with over 70 per cent of the delegates having confirmed their participation.

Talking about bilateral talks with India, Aziz said Pakistan had not as yet responded to India on the national security advisers’ meeting proposed by the latter on Aug 23 in New Delhi.

“Pakistan is preparing its agenda for the meeting and consultations for that are underway… after finalisation of the agenda, it would be shared with India.”

Aziz regretted that Pakistan was blamed for all terrorist attacks in India, even before investigations are conducted. “This will be taken up at the national security advisers’ meeting,” he said.

Talking about Pakistan’s fight against militants, Aziz said Pakistan did not differentiate between good and bad Taliban, adding that action had been taken against all.

Responding to a question on peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, which had been brokered by Pakistan and were stalled after the announced death of Mullah Omar, Aziz said the postponed second round of talks will take place in Pakistan soon.

He hoped that these peace talks will go a long way in bringing peace and stability to the region.


Commenting on Aziz’s remarks, Indian Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr TCA Raghavan said Pakistan had broken protocol by not inviting the speaker of Indian Jammu and Kashmir Assembly.

“In the past Pakistan has invited delegations from Indian-held Kashmir,” he said, adding that India will not attend the conference if Pakistan does not invite the speaker of occupied Jammu and Kashmir Assembly.