Is this the change we are waiting for?


Imran Khan, the great democrat and bringer of ‘change’ has shown his real face though it has been visible even before. He has suspended the membership of Justice Wajihuddin, one of the few members of the PTI who have tried to make a difference in politics, starting from democratic process within the own party without which the cry for democracy outside the party is not credible.

There have been many critical reports about what is going on inside PTI and that doesn’t augur well for the party and his chairman. All the turncoats from other parties have been accepted within the folds of PTI to the detriment of those who had built the party in the early days from the scratch. Intra-party elections lacked transparency and have created doubts within the own members. Wajihuddin who contested the presidential election as PTI candidate told that the PTI’s party tickets were sold for money during the cantonment board elections in Lahore. Last year’s dharna that was staged with the aim to shake or even topple an elected government was unconstitutional and the allegation against the government rigging declared baseless as the JC has shown. The bills for the dharna have not been paid until today. By suspending the party membership of one of the most honest party leaders Imran Khan has dropped the democratic guise and has shown his autocratic, arrogant face.