Malir water contaminated with faecal matter: study


KARACHI: The water being supplied to the Malir town is heavily contaminated with faecal material and is unfit for human consumption, says a research study conducted at Karachi University’s Institute of Environmental Studies.

The study has found that none of the tap water samples collected from 42 different sites in Malir contained residual chlorine, which is an effective safeguard against microbial contamination that also prevents infection from Naegleria fowleri (better known as ‘brain-eating’ amoeba) that has already claimed a dozen of lives this year so far, reportedly.

At least one of the victims of the deadly amoeba was a Malir resident, reportedly.

Titled Physico-chemical and bacteriological characteristics of drinking water of Malir town, Karachi, the study was recently published in an international journal.

The research was conducted by Aamir Alamgir, Moazzam Ali Khan, Syed Shahid Shaukat, Omm-i-Hany, Mr Furqanullah, Mohammad Raheel Khan Abbasi, Sarang Memon and Arshad Hussain.