PM escapes ‘attack’ in Islamabad


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif narrowly escaped an “attack” on his convoy Sunday night while en route to Islamabad.

According to sources in the Prime Minister’s House, Sharif, along with his family, was travelling to the capital when another car tried to overtake the convoy and hit his car.

The car was immediately forced to pull over and the driver was taken into custody, sources said, adding that the car had a fake number plate. Sources said the prime minister is safe.

The suspect is being interrogated by security officials.

However, initial investigation has proven that there was no attack on the convoy of the prime minister, said a spokesman of Interior Ministry late on Sunday. He said the number plate of the suspected vehicle was not fake and the said person was a former officer of Pakistan Air Force and was a resident of Islamabad.

The person made the mistake of trying to overtake the convoy of the prime minister which created misunderstanding, he added.

Following the death of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader Malik Ishaq in a police encounter earlier this week, police officials and security experts fear the banned outfit and other terrorist groups affiliated with it may avenge the killing.