Lakki Marwat will have basic necessities soon: KP CM


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister, Parvez Khattak, has assured that the gas, electricity and water supply problems of the under developed district of Lakki Marwat will be resolved on priority basis.

While talking to a joint delegation of PPP, PTI and JI led by Senator Salim Saifullah Khan, the CM stated that the scarcity of funds will never become an issue for the resolution of these and other such problems. The delegation mostly comprised newly elected members of different tiers of the local government, the office bearers of different political parties and notables of the area, called on the KP CM’s House, Islamabad Sunday.  Member of the provincial Assembly and Deputy Organizer of the PTI, Dr. Haider Ali Khan was also present on this occasion.

Senator Salim Saifullah Khan on behalf of the delegation and people of Lakki Marwat enumerated the problems of the area pertaining to electricity, gas, water supply, education and communication networks in detail stating that for the last so many years’ problems of the people in these sectors are piling up and thus required immediate intervention of the government. He also appreciated efforts of the Provincial Government for restoring the route of Pakistan China Economic Corridor in a bid to make it beneficial for the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and especially those of the southern districts. They welcome the establishment of Degree College in Pizu, Lakki Marwat (for which the senator had donated 40 canals of land), and a cadet college there but also demanded another degree college for the remote areas of the district. With regard to the scarcity of drinking water, the delegation pointed out that this was a longstanding problem of the area and it can be permanently resolved through the construction of Kurrom Tangi Dam which will also produce over 84 mega watts electricity and irrigate over 350,000 acres of land including 16,000 acres in tribal areas (FATA), thus benefiting the whole country. However, work over it is always delayed by the federal government for different pretexts. The delegation also formally invited the CM and PTI Chairman Imran Khan to visit the area. The delegation also apprised the CM of the losses suffered by the people of the area due to the recent torrential rains.