Undue pressure


There is an ongoing story on TV channels in which undue pressure was exerted over the principle of a prime educational institution in Lahore for admission of four children of certain politicians for admission inspite of lack of merit while the job of an able educationist has been taken away. I would like to quote pre-independence standards of ethical morality in 1942 and in 2015 over a period of 73 years. I studied at Government Barnes High School, Sibi, which was one of the two high schools in Balochistan where my father was serving as headmaster for 15 years being a degree holder from Ali Garh.

I vividly remember that in 8th class my all questions in oral math paper were wrongly answered. In one answer 800 was written instead of correct answer of 8000. The second master of the school approached my late father and wanted permission for adding one zero to my answer sheet but was scolded by my father and was sent away. The deterioration of education has reached such a stage over 73 years that the principal of a premium school has lost his job for not admitting the four grandchildren of some high-up politicians who failed on merit. The government ought to have protected the tenure of head of the premium institution in Lahore for the sake of preventing deterioration of educational standards in Pakistan.