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Qadri presents curriculum to counter terrorism, extremism

Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri on Wednesday launched a curriculum consisting of 25 books which aims to promote peace and suggests ways of eliminating terrorism and sectarianism from society.

Addressing the ceremony, Qadri said terrorists’ groups are bringing a bad name to Islam all over the world just for grabbing power and gaining financial benefits. He said these groups continue to receive millions of dollars to spread fear and kill innocent people.

He said that not a single chapter preaching peace and harmony is taught in the 10 to 12 years education in any madrassa of the country. He said that every educational institute of the country should benefit from the curriculum he has prepared and it does not matter if he is given credit for preparing the curriculum.

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  1. Mustafa said:

    The person who himself has no morals and ethics is teaching others his Dharna curriculm.
    What a shame?
    Doea shame has any meaning in his books.

  2. Liberal said:

    Action speaks louder then words on papers.
    It is a double standard by Tahir ul Padri, on one side he ask his followers to steal and break capital during Dharna and on other side he is teaching peace love & education through his curriculam.
    Why these sold out cleric Tahir ul Padri with double standards are playing and polluting Pakistan nation with the agenda of west.

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