Gurdaspur terrorist attack


The need to work together


Both Pakistan and India have vulnerabilities. To mention only two, there is an insurgency in Balochistan and a revival of militancy in Indian Punjab. The two countries can manipulate these to bleed each other or cooperate to put an end to them. The first option might satisfy those with sadistic minds, but this would bring laurels to neither side. In fact, the activity would weaken both. Resorting to irresponsible statements like removing thorn with a thorn or threatening reprisals might provide momentary satisfaction to those who issue them, but remarks of the sort add fuel to the fire.

Pakistan and India have longstanding disputes. Despite fighting three wars, the outstanding issues remain unresolved. If anything, they have become more complicated. With both sides possessing nuclear weapons and the required delivery systems, any war could lead to a regional disaster. It would not only cause untold human losses but also wipe out much of the progress the two countries have made through hard work and sacrifice. The only way to a better future is through mutual understanding and cooperation. This alone can end manipulation of each other’s vulnerabilities.

The IT revolution has benefitted the world a lot. It has however helped terrorists to spread their message, recruit volunteers, provide training and assign tasks to them, with everything being online. Crossing the border for the purpose is becoming obsolescent. It is unrealistic on the part of any country to presume that it can rein in the terrorists single-handedly. What is required is cooperation between the countries, particularly among the neighbours. For this serious attempts have to be made to resolve the disputes that divide them.

Every incident of terrorism, be it in Gurdaspur, Quetta or Karachi, has to be condemned without reservation. Similarly, the killing of innocent civilians on account of border shelling also needs to be denounced. Unless a meaningful move is made to resolve the conflict between the two countries, incidents of the sort would invariably lead to mutual recrimination, often without proper investigation.


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