White Lies



Recently, the Punjab university held an across-the-sects prayer session. Jamia Ashrafia’s senior cleric was to lead the prayer. But the function also needed a chief guest. So former president Rafiq Tarar was contacted.

The former head of state declined, reportedly because he did not want to have any part in the exercise. He heads up the Nazaria-e-Pakistan trust these days. Woe be to our nation when this is our ideology.


Imran Khan got himself in trouble with unexpected quarters recently. Espousing his (who else’s) praise to a TV channel recently, he said he kicked anyone and everyone out who did not perform. He chucked out his cousin Majid Khan out of the cricket team and, when the time came, he chucked out his father from the board over at the Shaukat Khanum Hospital when he couldn’t perform his duties well.

Mr Khan’s sisters have taken affront to that statement and the displeasure is almost on the verge of being made public. Their father, the late Ikramullah Niazi, was a successful civil engineer and ran his own firm for a long time, they say.

They would also like their brother to give it a rest and not tread some sacred ground when he is doing what he likes to do best: blow his trumpet.