Pak must avail Iran deal for completion of gas pipeline: speakers


Political leaders, experts and diplomats say that deal between world powers and Iran will open new avenues of trade in the region. Pakistan should avail this opportunity to increase trade ties with Iran and complete gas pipeline project to overcome its energy crisis.

Speaking in Nuqta-e-Nazar and perspective programmes of Radio Pakistan’s news and current affairs channel, PML- N leader Lt Gen (r) Abdul Qayyum Khan said the gas project was being delayed because of economic sanctions on Iran. Now, the gas pipeline project would be completed, he said.

Senior analyst Doctor Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema said the agreement between Iran and six major world powers was a positive gesture. “This deal is the success of efforts for peace in the region. Many countries are having reservations on carrying trade activities with Iran because of economic sanctions. Now, Iran will be able to boost trade activities with other countries. Pakistan will also focus on completion of its gas pipeline project with Iran.”

Doctor Haider Mehdi of Sharjah University of America said that the deal on Iran’s nuclear programme had vital importance in international politics. The United States and its coalition partners had changed their traditional policies, he said, adding other countries should learn from Iranian people about unity in crucial times.

Doctor Riffat Hussain said Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project should also be completed now. Lifting of economic sanctions on Iran would bring economic development there, he added.

Doctor Zafar Nawaz Jaspal said the deal would be fruitful for other countries of the region as well. “Economy of Iran will certainly improve after lifting of economic sanctions from international community. Iran is our neighborly country and has brotherly relations with Pakistan. Completion of Pak-Iran gas pipeline project will help government to overcome gas and power shortages.”

Former ambassador Mushtaq Ahmad Mehr said that the nuclear deal between Iran and six major world powers was a positive development. “This deal has created a win-win situation for all stakeholders which is also good for Pakistan because it can now freely boost its trade with Iran. The deal would benefit the region including Pakistan.”

Doctor Talat Wizarat said the deal would help complete pending projects such as Pak-Iran gas pipeline. “It is the need of hour for Pakistan to complete this energy projects to overcome energy crises.”

Senior journalist Muhammad Atif said the deal was a positive development. Pakistan would also get benefit from this deal because Islamabad had signed many development agreements with Iran, he added.