Mullah Omar endorses ‘peaceful pathways’ in Eid message



Leader of Afghan Taliban, Mullah Omar, endorsed the political role of his armed movement in his ‘traditional Eid message’ on Wednesday, days after senior Taliban leaders held their first talks with the Afghan government in Murree.

Mullah Omar, whose whereabouts have not been known since 2001, did not directly mention the peace talks initiated by Pakistan.

“Concurrently with armed jihad, political endeavours and peaceful pathways for achieving these sacred goals is a legitimate Islamic principle and an integral part of prophetic politics,” the Taliban leader said.

“As our holy leader, the beloved Prophet (pbuh), was actively engaged in fighting the infidels in the fields of ‘Badr’ and ‘Khyber’, he simultaneously participated in agreements beneficial for Muslims, held meetings with envoys of infidels, sent messages and delegations to them and on various occasions even undertook the policy of face-to-face talks with warring infidel parties,” Mullah Omar said.