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Emergent: A Refuge For Pakistan’s Jobless Youth

Behind every successful Organization there is a personal motive or an event that triggers the need for such an organization and Emergent is no exception to this rule.

Failure is just a word for some, but for many, it becomes the end of achieving their true potential. Fatima, a B.com graduate was one of those people severely affected by joblessness after her degree was complete.

Completing her education two years ago, with a few interviews under her belt, she explained how ‘it felt like drowning’, and told the Emergent team that she did not understand how the interviewer wanted her to answer his questions.

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With no Soft-Skill Knowledge and where to go in this oblivious state, she got her eyes locked onto Emergent Youth Welfare Foundation while surfing through Facebook.

A little hesitance on her part, but finally she reached the office and walked in, unable to finish her sentences and quivering at the thought of having to speak in front of her trainers.

After a training of two months, she Fatima overcame her fear of speaking and was able to tackle problems through creative solutions, and got to know the ‘hacks’ of giving exemplary interviews.

Not only this, she made and gave a presentation in front of a live audience very confidently . Fatima and many diligent people like her have what it takes to find a path and conquer it. They just need a little guidance and a push to make it to the top.

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The need for such an organization that caters to the needs of the emerging youth was felt by the founders themselves when the duo after getting educated from renowned Alma matters, forced to acknowledge the plight of the underprivileged students.

These students simply were not trained to survive in the job market. The effects on society of this hard fact are apparent as the dropout ratio of students in schools and colleges has increased substantially because of the individuals losing hope of getting jobs in the future.

This Foundation was hence started that allows the founders to act as a mediator between the potential employees and employers and, at the same time directs individuals towards fields best suited to their aptitude.

This reduces the hassle of going through unsuitable candidates for employers as well.

Currently, being at the initiation stage of the program only the employment challenges of the youth are being catered to by the first project under the Foundation.

However, in the future Emergent plans on starting parallel projects that will cater to other rising issues in the society that the youth today is facing.

EYE, through its program titled ‘How to become your own career coach’, has provided Career Counselling training to 150 underprivileged students to help them make that ‘one leap’ towards a successful job career.

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