Pakistan’s road to ICC Champions Trophy


For the first time since the inauguration of ICC Champions Trophy in 1998, Pakistan is looking at a potential non-qualification scenario for the big event.


The qualification criteria for being in the ICC Champions Trophy consists of only one rule; be in the top 8 ranking teams before September 2015.


Under normal circumstances, Pakistan has never considered anything below reaching semi-finals as par performance for the tournament. However the current scenario presents a grim picture as Pakistan ranks number 9 in the ICC ranking.


Before Bangladesh white washed Pakistan, beat India 2-1 and even managed to pull off a win against South Africa the competition was between the teams ranked 7,8,9 i.e. Bangladesh, Pakistan and West Indies.

However Pakistan is now in a spot of bother as Bangladesh has cemented its place in the 7th spot leaving Pakistan and West Indies for the contention of berth for the tournament.

The two test teams lie precariously with only 1 point separating them.


Pakistan currently has the following number of matches remaining:

– 4 ODIs versus Sri Lanka

– 1 Tri-series versus Zimbabwe and West Indies

Pakistan should win the series by a margin of at least 3-2 before heading into the Triangular series.

After winning series against Sri Lanka, Pakistan will have to perform above par in the Triangular series which includes not losing to West Indies more than once. If Pakistan loses more than the stipulated margin then it will not qualify as West Indies will progress to 8th spot.