‘The Entertainer’ Opens Its World of Toys For Kids!


A renowned UK toy shop “The Entertainer” opened their newest store on Link Road in Model Town this Saturday with a day of thrills and fun.

This is the third store opened by The Entertainer in Pakistan and the second in Lahore.



The company is known for bringing to Pakistan authentic branded products(by brands such as Marvel, Lego, Disney, Mattel, Play-doh, Crayola and more) at affordable prices and boasting a massive variety of toys and games, making it a favourite amongst kids of all ages.

Founded in 1981, The Entertainer has 102 stores in the UK and was brought to Pakistan by The Sefam Group, to provide customers with high quality, reasonably priced toys.



The launch event on Saturday was well-attended with parents, children and young people arriving in an endless stream to the store.

With a raffle draw, free goodie bags, face painting, photobooth and fun for all, the day was full of excitement for all attending.



Guests had a fantastic time browsing through the largest collection of toys (with over 600 brands) and meeting characters such as Angry Birds and Stormtroopers.

Whether it’s arts and crafts, puzzles and games or action and adventure, The Entertainer seems to have it covered!


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