More prospects, less pitfalls seen in trade with India | Pakistan Today

More prospects, less pitfalls seen in trade with India


Speakers at a discussion on the pros and cons of trade with India called upon the federal government to improve relations with India and other regional countries on trading grounds, after weighing up all risks and benefits.

The speakers showed concern over a lack of reforms by Pakistani governments to enhance trade volumes with India, keeping in view the global market and its ‘demanding’ competition.

The discussion was jointly organised by the Institute for Policy Reforms and the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Opening the debate, former commerce minister and IPR chairman Humayun Akhtar said Pakistan must weigh the risks and benefits of opening trade with India.

Akhtar said decision on trade with India must harmonise among security, economic, and trade interests.

Recently, IPR examined overall developments in South and Central Asia “and recognised that there were risks to our security.”