Altaf wants ‘oppressive’ Rangers sent back


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chairman Altaf Hussain on Tuesday asked Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah and all members of the Sindh Assembly to pass a bill to “send back the oppressive Rangers”.

Talking to party office bearers via telephone from London, Hussain said: “We will hold a sit-in at the Chief Minister’s House against the repressive actions, arbitrary arrests, torture, and extra-judicial killings by Rangers. If they open fire on the participants of the sit-in, the Rangers and their ‘captain’ will be responsible for the consequences.”

Hussain’s demand comes a day before Rangers’ special powers in Sindh are due to expire. While the duration of these special powers has been extended multiple times in the past, it is not clear whether the provincial government will go ahead with the move this time around.

The MQM chief also said Rangers issued a press release saying they would arrest MQM’s unit and sector in-charges because the MQM’s Organising Committee trained them in militancy.

“But there has been no Tanzeemi Committee in the MQM for quite some time now,” he remarked.

“Neither the chief minister nor the judiciary took notice of this statement by Rangers. Had the courts been free, they would have taken notice and sought an explanation over such illegal statements.”

The MQM chief regretted that rights organisations were silent on serious violations of human rights in Sindh, particularly in Karachi.

“International organisations should raise their voice on the injustices committed against Mohajirs, Sindhis, Balochs, and Pakhtuns in Pakistan.”

Condemning the federal government’s decision to grant additional powers to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Hussain warned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that the agency will use the additional powers against him in future.

“We had opposed the setting up of special courts in the past by Nawaz Sharif. We had told him that these courts would be used against him but he did not listen. Eventually, it was a special court that passed a sentence against him.”

“We don’t need motorways and big development projects. We want Kashmir to be liberated. Rangers should be sent to free Kashmir.”


  1. Time for real revolution. Altaf bhai u r the true leader who cares about not only Muhajir but also us Balochis, Punjubis(other than Lahoris), Pashtuns and Sindhis. Lead us to freedom from this feudal Punjub Tyranny. We the poor people of Punjub get no education yet we are calle d, our women get acid thrown on faces, our youth is besharam and badmaash who always talk about bachees, fake leaders like Imran khan and tahirul qadri have fooled us not once but thrice. Please Altaf bhai u have never gave the call for revolution yet, but now we u r our only hope. We have learned that conspiracies are being foiled against MQM just like in 1992. We now understand.

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